Is Levitra Effective for Erectile Dysfunction

Levitra is one of the effective drugs against impotency in men. One of the widely prescribed drugs against erectile deficiency in men, it gives the maximum sexual pleasure.

Levitra a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, Levitra works by dilating the blood vessels in the penile region. Once the muscles are dilated, more blood flows into the region, which gives a better erection and an erection that lasts for a longer time.

Levitra is available in tablet form and has to be taken an hour before any sexual activity. Only one Levitra tablet has to be taken and it can be taken with or without meals. Once the drug is taken, the effect is known to last for about 6 long hours. The normal dosage is 10 mg tablet for adults and for elderly persons, it is just the half.

Levitra has to be taken only after consulting the doctor. When consulting the doctor, make sure not to hide any thing, including your allergies and your present/ past health condition from him. Be frank enough to tell the physician if you are allergic to any food, drug or any substance, including Levitra ingredients.

Your doctor may not prescribe Levitra or he may bring down the dosages if you have any of the following conditions: kidney/liver diseases, blood problems, retinal disorder, stomach ulcer, abnormal penis, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes, Hypertension, low pressure and eye problems.

Levitra has to be avoided if you recently had any cardiovascular problems like stroke or heart attack.

The drug is not prescribed if you are using any medicines containing nitrates. This it is so because taking this impotency drug along with nitrate filled drugs can lead to a sudden fall in the pressure, which may be fatal.

Levitra should also be avoided if you are using any alpha blockers or if you are using any medicine for pressure.

Some people after taking Levitra have come across abnormal erections that last for longer durations. This is not a healthy condition and it may lead to the permanent damage of the penis. So if you come across any such condition, better call the doctor immediately.

Levitra is a drug that is only prescribed for men. It should not be used by women and children. Aged persons should be very careful while using Levitra as they are more sensitive to the medicine.

When you are on Levitra medication, give up alcohol, grapefruit and also grape juice as these can only increase the risk of side effects. Well, you should also not use any other erectile deficiency drug while taking Levitra.

Just like all impotency drugs, Levitra also comes with several side effects and also allergies. Some of the common side effects with Levitra include Indigestion, flushing, flu-like symptoms, headache, sinus inflammation, runny nose. These side effects do not last longer and go away soon.

Well, be careful if you come across vision problems, hearing loss, swelling (hands/feet/ankles), pain spreading to arms and shoulders, breathing problems, irregular heart beat, nausea and chest pain. If you have these conditions, never delay in consulting the doctor.

Get To The Source Of The Problem

To be able to order Levitra online at, you must have obtained a prescription from the doctor. He must have also done a detailed check up of your health and run a few diagnostic tests too. So did, you manage to have a discussion with the doctor in detail about your health? Many times we see that the erectile dysfunction for which you are using Levitra is only an indicative symptom of a deeper problem that is existing or is developing. There can be two kinds of issues that you need to investigate into. One is to do with your emotional state of mind and health and the second is to do with your physical health.

We all know that the body condition is determined by our thoughts and feelings of the mind and heart. It is well known to one and all today that we are living a fast paced life where in we are trying to catch up with our careers, balancing life and work and reinventing ourselves all the time. In trying to catch up with our life which is getting more and more high tech, we are building a lot of stress in our system. Earlier on when the life was simple and basic, there was no stress in man’s life. The lifestyle consisted of good nurturing diet and plenty of physical exercise which kept man fit and healthy. Men must have faced erectile dysfunctional problems may be in the late seventies or so in their life, by which time they too would have lost interest in living a physically active love life.

Today the stress that we face in life is affecting our bodies. The number of maladies that we are subject to has increased. It has become common for us everyone to have diabetes, hypertension or cholesterol and other related problems. Heart attacks, open heart surgeries as well as organ failure and cancer etc have become common. All this is caused due to the stress and unhealthy lifestyle.

If you analyze the nature of relationships in today’s family, you will find that there have been several changes since the past few decades. While earlier on marriages were meant to last a life time, today you are always under the pressure to perform and ensure that your marriage is sustained. There is a untold pressure on both the partners to keep up and work towards making the marriage last. One cannot take the other spouse for granted. Therefore naturally when a man goes through a midlife crises or andropause, he goes into a very difficult phase. With the loss of production of testosterone, it is quite natural that your sexual desires start to wane. But it is the stress , anxiety and the physical conditions that contribute to reducing the blood supply to the penis which results in erectile dysfunction.

No matter how much of Levitra you consume, your erectile dysfunction problem will get solved, but not the causes that led to this problem in the first place. Therefore along with Levitra it is important that you work towards ridding your mind, heart and body off the causes that have brought this situation for you in the first place. Get into a detailed discussion with your doctor and get to the source of the problem right away.

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