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Why Choose Phone or Online Telehealth Therapy in California?

In light of COVID-19 and all the turmoil currently happening in the world, Reconnect Relationship Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy Counseling is still dedicated to providing you support and assistance with your mental health needs throughout these challenging and unpredictable times.

Whether you would like to continue, resume or start your therapy for the first time, we offer phone as well as HIPAA-compliant video software and are committed to work with you from the comfort and safety of your home, office or any alternate location of your choice.

In these challenging and uncertain times, tending to your mental health is very necessary and we can assist you to do just that in spite of quarantines and shelter-in-place orders.

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How Does California Video Online Telehealth Therapy Work?

It’s quite easy actually! All you have to do is simply reach out to us via text, phone, or email or you can just book a consultation call here and we can evaluate your particular situation and assist you to get matched with the best-suited therapist to your needs depending on your clinical relational and logistical needs (your preferred time, day of the week, etc.).

And, if you happen to already know which of our Reconnect Relationship psychotherapists or psychologists in Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach, CA you would like to work with, you can book a session directly with them from here.

After we schedule your initial session, along with all your intake paperwork, you’ll also get the instructions on how to logon the secure, HIPAA-compliant video teletherapy counseling platform we utilize and exactly what to do to get ready prior your first online video session so you can virtually connect with your therapist or psychologist.

Speak to Someone Online:

Online video counseling sessions last 45 minutes (or can be a double or longer session if you need that, especially for couples or more deep work, however it will not be covered by insurance), the same as a standard in-person therapy session, and you will be able to clearly see and connect with your therapist just like if you were on a high-quality Skype call which is also encrypted for your protection (we don’t use Skype, we use secure video telehealth software).

You’ll regularly meet with your therapist virtually on the day and time you mutually agree on and access the support, guidance, and accountability you desire.

If you have additional questions about California online telehealth video counseling, we strongly encourage you to check out our Therapy Q & A page where we discuss some of the more common questions and answers that frequently come up about phone, online video telehealth counseling as well as in-person sessions.

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