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Psychotherapy Intensives at Reconnect Relationship Psychotherapy in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA

The Couples Psychotherapy Intensive program, or custom personal psychotherapeutic retreats, serve as some of the most contemporary mental healthcare presently available to our clients at Reconnect Relationship Psychotherapy in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA. The model emerged from the idea that concentrated doses of individual or couples psychotherapeutic treatment over abbreviated periods of time can yield the type of results that are practically impossible to attain within the traditional one-hour weekly therapy appointment. This alternative is deliberately time-focused, depth-oriented, goal-driven, as well as highly purposeful, creating it an outstanding option for confronting and resolving the very issues that require immediate attention, as well as for rethinking and reframing a returning challenge in a calculated and determined way.

Although classic therapy approaches can also be beneficial to individual and couples (we continue to use them regularly because they are effective), oftentimes, they may not always the most concentrated approach. Certain issues are too important to let lag on from session to session. Psychotherapy Intensive retreats present you and/or your relationship the convenience and dedicated space to be laser-focused on a particular problem and embark on the rewarding journey toward creating long-lasting, life-altering changes, sometimes over a long weekend through the help and support of our experienced psychotherapist and psychologists.

Some compelling reasons our clients take advantage of our intensive psychotherapy approach in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA include:

  • Personal growth and development
  • Improving couples everyday communication styles
  • To address protracted emotional pain
  • To get past traumatic experiences
  • To deal with their LGBTQ specific issues
  • To better handle emotions when life transitions inevitably occur
  • To process grief of all sorts and be able to finally move past it
  • To bring back a sense of hope when life become difficult
  • To elevate one’s ability and capacity for intimacy with self and others
  • To learn more effective ways of dealing more effectively with daily stressors

By stepping away from normal routines and responsibilities, our individual clients and couples have the opportunity and benefit of harnessing all of their strengths and resources to the solely focus and deal with the issue at hand. Longer, more concentrated segments of quality time allow for psychotherapy sessions to effectively build upon one another, which inevitably results in less time being unnecessarily wasted or any meaningful progress forfeited. Often resulting in quicker improvement, focused bursts of intensive psychotherapy may turn out to be more practical and cost-effective rather than long-term psychotherapeutic treatment.

A therapeutic vacation is not intended or created as an opportunity to “getaway,” but rather as a chance to courageously face what is really standing in your way as an individual or a couple. By choosing to show up for yourself or your relationship in this way, you decide on making a strong and obvious commitment to unearthing layers of yourself and your relationship in order to promote and benefit from deep healing. While not your standard getaway, many of our clients in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA find intensives to be a deeply meaningful,   and empowering experience, and come away from them not only with new tools, perspectives and increased understanding, as well as more hopeful and energized about the future.

How Can I or Couples Benefit Most from Intensive Therapy Offered at Reconnect Relationship in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA?

Unfortunately, as you may well imagine and understand that not all clients, couples or situations are appropriate for psychotherapy intensives. Our intensives are specifically created and offered to those clients and couples who are safe and stable enough not to require inpatient care or other types of more acute interventions necessary for drug-addicted, explosive individuals and high-conflict or violent couples. The main benefit of the therapy retreat is healing and resolution of problems, and we are not equipped to not offer stabilization or detox services.

While many clients and couples successfully engage in stand-alone personal retreats in our offices in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA, intensive psychotherapy is not always a suitable or permanent replacement for classic, weekly therapy. Some of our clients and couples we work with appropriately discover that they might necessitate more diligent and concentrated effort at the beginning of their therapy and choose an intensive to lower their defenses and fire up their neurons as well as the therapeutic process. This is particularly beneficial to clients and couples who wish to continue working with us via phone or secure online video telehealth, which we also frequently utilize with great success. Other clients and couples often consider intensives to promote as a boost when they feel stuck or reach an impasse while in regular weekly psychotherapy treatment. Other clients and couples still elect to participate in regular “mini-intensives” and schedule their ongoing work in this manner.

Some clients participate in psychotherapy intensives because they possess a passion for increasing inner wisdom, engaging in self-exploration and are invigorated by their own personal growth and transformation. Instead of characterizing the retreats as psychotherapeutic treatment, they regard this process as an extra benefit coupled with other self-development goals they might be undertaking. There are many reasons and benefits this model can bring you as an individual or a couple, and our interview process will assist you in deciding whether a private or couples therapy intensive is the right fit for you and your journey.

Intensives are for individuals as well as couples who:

  • Prefer to advance quicker than a once a week session affords
  • Lack the time to engage with their psychotherapist on a weekly basis
  • Often have an unpredictable schedule or are on location
  • Reside in areas where integrative therapists/trauma specialists are not an option
  • Would rather meet with a therapist who is not part of their community
  • Wish to comprehensively address a life challenge in a timely fashion
  • Choose to compliment self-transformation work already underway

Most client and couples will achieve quite a bit during the psychotherapy intensives, yet some particular issues or entrenched patterns of behavior are so deeply rooted, which can make change rather slow and challenging. If you require additional help, guidance and support, you have the opportunity of purchasing an additional retreat in Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach, CA, or by following up with us in person or by phone/secure online video telehealth, or you are free to complete your work elsewhere.

What is a Couples or Individual Intensive Therapy Retreat Like at Reconnect Relationship in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA?

Psychotherapy Intensives are often designed as two to three-day retreats mostly scheduled over a weekend, yet can occur at any time, from periods ranging from a half-day to up to a week. Unless otherwise agreed upon, sessions are booked in 3-hour blocks, which are not covered or reimbursed by insurance, so please plan accordingly. While certain occasions warrant meeting for one or even up to three sessions per day, we have found that two 3-hour daily sessions with a break in between works best for most of our individual clients and couples.

Each experience is customized, but generally includes:

  • Individual or couples psychotherapy sessions each day
  • Meditation and breathing exercises
  • Wide selection of coffees and teas for your enjoyment
  • Ample breaks for walks, naps, relaxation as well as journal writing
  • Take-home exercises for you between sessions to deepen your understanding

Please keep in mind that not all therapy is emotionally draining or particularly taxing, and most clients and couples are pleasantly surprised to discover that they are not only capable of working for many hours, yet also find it keenly satisfying. While intensives can be somewhat challenging, our hope is you’ll come back from the experience with a restored sense of personal empowerment and trust in the fact that you have the opportunity and the option to be your own greatest healer.

How do I Plan my/our Reconnect Relationship Psychotherapy Retreat?

We will be on hand to assist you in guiding and planning your entire experience. Once enrolled in a Reconnect Relationship retreat in Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach, CA, we will follow up with you with details about what to bring with you and how best to prepare in order to get the most out of our time together. Costs are determined by the amount of time that we spend together and will be discussed in our initial conversation.

We am currently seeing clients for weekend intensives in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA, and booking now for Summer/Fall 2020

Next steps include: 

  • Pre-retreat qualifying phone assessment to better understand if an intensive is right choice and approach for you at this time or in the future
  • Pre-retreat in-person session or via secure online video telehealth session to arrange details for your individualized, unique experience
  • Arranging for post-retreat return and follow up, including providing resources at home or continued follow-up and support with one of our Reconnect Relationship therapists or psychologists
  • Not included in intensives: travel, transportation, meals, hotels and other incidentals. Kindly plan and make appropriate arrangements accordingly

Receiving intensive therapy counseling services at Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy, in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA

  • Reconnect Relationship Psychotherapy’s network includes specialist therapists and psychologists offering couples and individual psychotherapy intensives and counseling in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA.
  • Call us for a chat to see how we can assist you with your couples or individual therapy intensives or someone you know who needs some help and support, or complete our Drop Us A Line form to make an appointment.


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