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Individual Therapy at Reconnect Relationship Counseling Psychotherapy in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA

Let’s face it together as a team; life can often feel rather harsh and overwhelming, even hurtful at times.

When you’re just feeling stuck, tired, quite frustrated, and frankly sick of how your life and interpersonal relationships are going, change may often seem like a veritable impossibility.

You may be often pondering, “This isn’t how was life was supposed to turn out”, you may also be thinking like you just can’t share what’s really going on with you with close friends and family any further, or you may even assume that there’s something going on with you for just feeling this way.

You may be physically and emotionally exhausted, rather confused, or somewhat desperate someone to guide and support you through but the mere thought of choosing a psychotherapist or psychologist – one who will actually get you and what you’re currently dealing with – feels rather daunting as well.

This is such a difficult place to find yourself in.

But there’s another way if you feel stuck and alone.

Here at Reconnect Relationship Counseling in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA we very much believe that it is very possible to get past these challenging and painful times in life and use these challenging yet defining moments to get clarity and gain internal strength in order to make deliberate, consistent moves towards the life you actually plan, and execute for yourself.

And you absolutely do not have to go at this all on your own.

What You’re Aiming for While in Individual Therapy:

If you strongly desire to create and implement lasting change in your life and steer closer to the kind of life you visualize for yourself, by engaging in psychotherapy with us at Reconnect Relationship Counseling can be the ideal place to begin your journey.

Why do you ask? Simply because psychotherapy is a practice of exploring what leads you to acquire a deeper understanding of how you relate to yourself, others, as well as the world.

By working together with a Reconnect Relationship psychotherapist or psychologist in Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach, CA, together you will be able to mend old emotional hurts, unearth and comprehend self-destructive patterns and behaviors which may be standing in your way and trade them for new, alternate beliefs and behaviors which will assist you in transitioning closer to the situation and overall life you picture for yourself.

Experience Relief from Painful Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Trauma, And More:

Although as you may already realize, therapy cannot guarantee results, yet you can also absolutely picture that some of the perks of individual psychotherapy at Reconnect Relationship include:

  • Relief from anxiety, chronic worry, and depression
  • Clarity regarding your goals versus what may imagine you “should” want or someone else wants and expects from you, as well as the true courage and commitment to move closer to what you actually want;
  • More connection and greater quality and connection in your relationships, especially in communicating your needs and negotiating differences with friends, co-workers and loved ones;
  • Reducing self-sabotaging addictions and accompanying behaviors, and a true sense of feeling better within your own skin;
  • Increased resiliency to tackle and hopefully overcome the unavoidable downturns of life;
  • The knowledge and ability move forward after transitions and losses;
  • And an every-day life that includes more joy, comfort, self-assurance and an increased sense of purpose a.nd aliveness;
  • A life that not only looks good on the outside but also feels good on the inside and that you proud of living and experiencing.

Commencing therapy can absolutely have a significant and last impact on nearly every aspect of your life when you follow through and do the recommended tasks and homework as well as incorporate the necessary changes required to get there.

The Next Steps for Individual Therapy at Reconnect Relationship in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA:

At Reconnect Relationship Psychotherapy, we realize that selecting the “right fit” therapist can at times seem confusing and overwhelming, we want to assist you making this possibly life-altering decision and feel completely at ease about requesting a session with us.  This is why we encourage you to peruse our therapist and psychologist biosour therapy Q&A page, our reviews, and of course extensive blog.

We offer a FREE Consultation Call for Individual Therapy in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA:

We provide you with a no-obligation, complimentary 10-minute phone consultation to help you find out more about our psychotherapy services and to pair you up with a therapist who can best support your unique situation.

If it turns out we’re not the best fit for you, no problem! We’ll happily provide you with another provider within our practice who might be.

We ask you to reach out to us today and to request your very own complimentary, 10-minute consult. We look forward to hearing from you and to supporting you in any way we can.

Individual Therapy in Beverly Hill and Laguna Beach, CA

Reconnect Relationship offers individual therapy for anxiety, trauma, depression, and more. In Los Angeles County, we serve Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, Bel Air, Century City, Westwood, West Hollywood, Hollywood, West Los Angeles, and Mid-Wilshire as well as the surrounding areas in Orange County such as Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Corona Del Mar, Monarch Beach, and Dana Point.

We’re also located near the UCLA and UCI campuses and are accessible to students as well as University faculty members and supporting staff.

Some of The Issues We Treat in Individual Therapy:

  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Relationship issues and communication
  • LGBTQ specific issues
  • Grief and loss
  • Career confusion/lack of purpose
  • Recovery from trauma/abuse
  • Low self-esteem
  • Emotional or disordered eating
  • Social anxiety

Can’t locate or identify your specific issue or challenge?

Not to worry. At Reconnect Relationship, our psychotherapists and psychologists work with clients a broad range of issues, so we urge you to request a FREE 10-minute consultation to discuss your own issues so we can select the provider who can best assist and support you in your personal goals and objectives.

Receiving addiction counseling services at Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy, in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA

Reconnect Relationship Psychotherapy’s network includes specialist therapists and psychiatry referrals offering individual therapy and counseling in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA.

Call us for a chat to see how we can assist you with your individual therapy or someone you know who needs some help and support, or complete our Drop Us A Line form to make an appointment.


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