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CBT Group

Benefits of CBT Group Therapy in Los Angeles:

  • Establish Productive Patterns of Relating
  • Experience a Supportive Environment
  • Reduce Sense of Isolation & Shame
  • Replicate Real Life Situations
  • Receive Constructive Feedback
  • Explore Issues In A Social Context
  • Build Relationship Skills
  • Learn Techniques to Cope With Difficulties
  • Increase Self-Understanding
  • Bolster Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
  • Enhance Interpersonal Styles of Communication

Group members experience emotional support, empathic understanding, and authentic encouragement from one another. Committed attendance is itself therapeutic, as members “show up” for themselves and for others.

Individuals increase self-confidence by revealing their interior lives. CBT group therapy is instrumental in healing all emotional and psychological struggles people experience: depression, anxiety, anger, fear, shame, etc.

Participants learn to accept support from others. Members feel less alone in the world by understanding other people’s lives. Understanding other people’s problems, goals, and solutions helps members clarify their own. Attending group gives purpose to members’ lives; they develop a sense of responsibility to the group because their participation impacts other group members. And, they can experiment with different roles and ways of being in group that inform, change, and take root in their lives.

CBT group therapy provides opportunities to transcend their life struggles, as they experience them, in the moment. Group therapy is a powerful venue for growth and change. Everything that happens in the group session is kept confidential.

Dr. Gilbert Chalepas – Psychologist Beverly Hills – Therapist Laguna Beach

Trouble Sleeping? Always worried And Stressed?*

Weekly Sessions

It’s time to make a change. Don’t suffer alone. In this group you will learn to tame your fears and *Overcome anxiety, depression and loss; *Conquer self-esteem and assertiveness issues; *Manage through life transitions; * Develop more effective ways to get what you want; * Learn relationship skills that work. Dr. Gilbert works in a very collaborative and participatory manner. You’ll get constant feedback, advice and valuable life skills in each session. Complimentary consultation required to meet group requirements and ensure psychotherapy is right for you.

Relationship On Thin Ice? Constantly Arguing?*

Weekly Sessions

Learn how to better communicate, tackle sex and intimacy issues, make your relationship a priority, and develop skills to better handle conflict. Perhaps you’ve struggled with long-standing issues, and whether to get professional help. You want things to change but don’t know how to go about it and just feel stuck. *Fighting over money, sex, chores, or parenting; *Not making your relationship a priority, *Coping with an affair; *Feeling alone and disconnected. You are not alone. Learn to feel more connected and secure in your relationships and in who you are. Complimentary consultation required to qualify.

Professionally Successful, Yet Still Unhappy?*

Weekly Sessions

During weekly sessions talk openly and confidentially about your work, romance, sex, friends, family, your goals and dreams, fears and challenges. An affordable, fun and safe environment, where you can get expert insight, personalized feedback and practical advice. You want things to change but don’t know how to go about it and just feel stuck. With 15+ years experience, Dr. Gilbert can teach you how to tame your fears, develop relationship skills that work, find more effective ways to get what you want and better manage through life transitions. Complimentary consultation required to meet group requirements. To get started click here.

*To qualify for individual CBT psychotherapy or one of the groups, you must participate in a complimentary phone or Skype consultation* (PPO/insurance excluded) to ensure individual or group psychotherapy is the right fit for you.

Additional Weekly Peer Groups:

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  • Trouble Expressing Your True Feelings?
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  • In A Boring Relationship? Stuck And Hating It?
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