PCL Test


ReconnectRelationship.com is pleased to offer some FREE Self-Assessments as a way for you to gain a better understanding of symptoms or issues that are concerning you. Living a happy life may not come easy for you. It may take a lot of work and awareness on your part. Practice working towards a happier life every day. Over time it will become a habit, and it will start to come easier. Be thankful for and grateful towards everything and everyone in your life. Eat better. Sleep more. Be more around those who add to your life and make you feel special. MIND Meditate, get centered. Keep a daily journal. Practice smiling and make someone else's day. Less TV time. Simple life = happy life. Write down your goals and do something small every single day towards reaching them. Nurture close relationships. Give, Volunteer, Serve. Find your true passion and follow it. Spend time in nature. Exercise regularly. Feed your brain with things that give you insight, empowerment, and motivation. Take frequent vacations and let your hair down and don't take yourself too seriously, life is more fun that way.

You can use these self-assessment tools as a guide. They are not a diagnosis or medical advice. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your results with Dr. Chalepas and learn tools on how to better cope with your symptoms, please click the "MAKE AN APPOINTMENT" button above.

PCL Test

The Post Traumatic Stress Disorders Checklist (PCL) is particularly useful for self-assessment. The  PCL should take five minutes or less to complete. Again, while this test will not diagnose PTSD, it can help you determine the nature and extent of your symptoms and whether you should consider seeking advice from your doctor or a mental health care professional.


This assessment does not itself indicate a diagnosis nor is it intended to treat any mental disorder in any way. To determine any potential diagnosis and possible treatment, please be sure to discuss your results with Dr. Gilbert Chalepas or a qualified mental health professional.

Your results will be emailed to you at the email address you provide below. By providing your email, you are also opting in to receive communications from Dr. Gilbert Chalepas.

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1. Repeated, disturbing memories, thoughts, or images of a stressful experience?
2. Repeated, disturbing dreams of a stressful experience?
3. Suddenly acting or feeling as if a stressful experience were happening again (as if you were reliving it)?
4. Feeling very upset when something reminded you of a stressful experience?
5. Having physical reactions (e.g., heart pounding, trouble breathing, sweating) when something reminded you of a stressful experience?
6. Avoiding thinking about or talking about a stressful experience or avoiding having feelings related to it?
7. Avoiding activities or situations because they reminded you of a stressful experience?
8. Trouble remembering important parts of a stressful experience?
9. Loss of interest in activities that you used to enjoy?
10. Feeling distant or cut off from other people?
11. Feeling emotionally numb or being unable to have loving feelings for those close to you?
12. Feeling as if your future will somehow be cut short?
13. Trouble falling or staying asleep?
14. Feeling irritable or having angry outbursts?
15. Having difficulty concentrating?
16. Being "super-alert" or watchful or on guard?
17. Feeling jumpy or easily startled?

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