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Ways to Get Unstuck Counseling at Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach

Has Your Productivity and Drive Taken a Hit?

You have goals, ambitions, and dreams, but sometimes it can feel as if life’s running in a loop and you’re not getting anywhere. Feeling stuck is something the majority of us experience from time to time. Being humans, we should expect these emotions as a part of our experience. But, if you have been unmotivated for too long and feel like you’ve been in the same position for an extended time, then you definitely need to make a change.

We know that we need to make a transformation, but many factors can stand in our way and make this change difficult. Such as self-judgment, lack of motivation, low self-worth, worry, and fear of making important decisions on our own. Often in such situations, we tell our minds that the change we need requires external circumstances, but in reality, what we truly need is to confront ourselves and look within for answers.

Change can be scary and painful, but it is necessary if you want to get unstuck and move on with your life.

Counseling Strategies to Get Unstuck and Get Back on Track?

Let’s take a look at different strategies that can help you when you feel stuck.

1.   Get over your past

We all come across bad experiences in our lives. Sometimes these negative events can leave their impacts and demotivate us in the future. Are your worries and insecurities about making the change due to some past failures? Listen to the stories in your head, do you find it difficult to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made? Do you blame your circumstances for not achieving your goals? If you have such thought patterns running inside your head, stop and rationalize your thinking.

Ask yourself why are you stuck on these feelings? Will ruminating over past events help you in any way? Just because you faced some failures in the past doesn’t mean you will experience the same in the future. Our lives are unpredictable as it gets, we can never be too sure that we will fail. Choose to accept the things that happened, rationalize your fears, and move on. Learn from your past, correct where you lack, and understand that every day brings new opportunities. The only way to utilize these opportunities is to leave the baggage of the past behind and focus solely on the future.

2.   Improve yourself

Our quality of thinking and success go hand in hand. When we feel stuck, we internalize lots of illogical beliefs about ourselves. Our inner voice can become toxic and create hurdles for us that don’t even exist in reality. Thoughts such as “I’ll never be enough,” or “I won’t be able to do it, I just don’t have it in me” etc are all examples of distorted thinking patterns in which you put limitations on yourself that don’t exist. Understand that fears are only in your mind when you correct your thinking, you start to see new possibilities emerge because your brain is now not working against you.

One of the best ways to go about doing this is to write down your thoughts, fears, and insecurities. Journaling on a regular basis will help you rationalize your thinking and see how absurd some of your worries are.

Try to take a break, clear your mind, and distance yourself from your current situation. Talk to a friend or family and be open to new ideas and people. Living in a monotonous way can hinder your thinking abilities. Change your routine. Hang out with friends more often, exercise, and engage in activities that make you feel better. Read books and get a hold of your thinking. These changes will help you gain perspective on the future and see what is possible.

3. Create proper plans

Nothing is possible without action. Look at things realistically. A change in your life is definitely possible but everything demands time, patience, and effort. An idea without a proper plan is just a dream. Many people start out with good plans but overlook the importance of putting proper time and action into them. A lack of patience and perseverance is why they fail. Therefore, it’s essential you create manageable plans and start working on them.

Set SMART goals for yourself. Here’s a basic rundown of how SMART goals work.

  1. S – Specific: Your goal should be specific, you should know exactly what you’re looking for and what you want to achieve. Ask yourself following W questions:
    • Why do I want to accomplish this?
    • What resources are involved?
    • Why is this goal important? Etc.
  2. M – Measurable: Your goals should be measurable so you can track your progress along the way. This helps you stay focused, meet deadlines, and increase motivation on each success. A measurable goal asks the following questions:
    • How much indicates progress?
    • How do I know if I’m closer to my goals?
    • How do I know when I’ve accomplished it? etc.
  3. A – Achievable: Your goal should not be lofty and unrealistic, it should be realistically attainable. In other words, you should stretch your abilities but it should also remain possible. Ask yourself:
    • Can I achieve this goal within X years or months?
    • How realistic is this goal based on financial factors? etc.
  4. R – Relevant: This ensures that the goal you are pursuing matters to you. That you are not just impressed by your goal, but you are passionate about it too. Ask yourself questions such as:
    • Is it a long-term thing I want to pursue?
    • Does this align with my other goals?
    • Do I really want it and am I passionate about it? Etc.
  5. Time-bound: Your goal must be time-bound. It should have a deadline so you can focus on it and work towards achieving it in a certain period. Ask yourself questions like:
    • Will I be able to do it six months from now?
    • How much progress will I make in one month?  Etc.

Motivation, Productivity & Accountability Therapy Conclusion – The Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy Approach

Even when we think we don’t, we always have control over our lives. Using the techniques mentioned above will help you see where you lack and most importantly what you can do to get unstuck and move on with your life in a productive way.

Improving Your Productivity & Drive with Supportive Counseling & Accountability - The Reconnect Relationship™ Approach

Your counselor at Reconnect Relationship will assist you get to the bottom of the major causes of your productivity and drive not being optimal by partnering with you to assess the thoughts, feelings and accompanying behaviors that are contributing to the state of your mind and life.

Together you will come up with personal coping strategies to help you better manage your productivity and drive, and you will be provided with accountability as well as tried and tested techniques as well as specific tools which be effective for you long-term.

Our counseling psychologists and psychotherapists at Reconnect Relationship in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA have substantial experience in helping with life transitions.

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