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Adult Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADHD) – The Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy approach in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is perhaps the most common disorder related to the early development of a person’s brain in childhood. An individual with ADHD may face a range of persistent problems such as difficulty paying attention, the ability to sit still, hyperactivity, impulsive behavior and in general, a lack of self-control.

ADHD in Adults

(Adult) ADHD is often thought of as a condition for only children and minors. The difficulties of ADHD initially start in early childhood. But, they can follow into adulthood and later cause issues such as poor performance, lack of self-esteem, relationship arguments, and several other concerns.

Adults can have ADHD too. Around 5% of American adults face this issue. Some might have been diagnosed and known it since childhood, while others don’t recognize it and only become aware of it when they’re far into their adulthood.

Are you experiencing a lack of impulsiveness, lack of focus or emotional outbursts, or anxiety due to adult ADHD?

Some of the major symptoms may decrease with age, like hyperactivity, but other symptoms such as restlessness and difficulty paying attention might continue and cause problems later on in life. So it can be confusing to identify and categorize symptoms of ADHD.

Let’s take a look at some common issues adults with ADHD might face:

  • Impulsiveness: Rushing through tasks without considering the long-term consequences, being socially inappropriate, poor organization skills and inability to plan things properly.
  • Lack of focus: Finding it difficult to pay attention to even simple tasks. Being forgetful and having a hard time remembering important details. Easily distracted and incapacity to focus on things for more extended periods.
  • Emotional Outbursts: Difficulty controlling emotions and having a low tolerance for stress. Quickly becoming bored or losing temper and seeking constant excitement. Low self-esteem, mood swings and trouble staying motivated.
  • Anxiety and restlessness: Brain is always racing with distressing thoughts, and you find it difficult to relax and feel tired all the time. Your mind keeps replaying the worrisome thoughts, and you can’t seem to control yourself from overthinking.
  • Relationship difficulties: Maintaining social, professional or family relationships is difficult. Having traits such as talking over other people, inattentiveness, quickly being bored and having social anxiety, etc.
  • Poor self-image: Being self-critical and comparing yourself with others.

The Upside of adult ADHD

ADHD might feel like an intimidating problem, but you don’t have to feel discouraged. There are actually many benefits to it that can distinguish you from other people. Many celebrities and successful personalities had ADHD, and they often turned it to their advantage.

Not only some spectacular entertainers like Robin Williams, Justin Timberlake and Pete Rose but also many famous inventors such as Thomas Edison, Wolfgang Mozart and even Einstein himself were “gifted” with ADHD.

Let’s see how people with ADHD can perform better in different areas of life in comparison to people who don’t have ADHD.

  • Creativity: People with ADHD are incredibly imaginative and creative. Many people with ADHD are inventive thinkers and make great engineers, builders, inventors, painters, and artists.
  • Thinking outside the box: People with ADHD are non-conformists, and they often come up with unique approaches to solve a problem.
  • Full of energy: Some people with ADHD might have a “never ending” stream of energy. These energies can be directed towards school, profession or creative activities.
  • Looking at the big picture: People with ADHD might miss smaller details, but they are great at looking at the big picture and don’t keep a narrow, one-sided view.
  • A sparkling personality: Individuals with ADHD have creative, funny and impressive personalities.
  • Willingness to take the risk: People with ADHD don’t fear and can take bigger risks that lead to greater rewards. Etc.

Treatments for adult ADHD

Fortunately, there are many treatments for ADHD. Some of these treatments can be used in combination to get the best results. Let’s take a look at some effective treatments

Medications often used to treat adult ADHD

Medication is often used as the first approach for reducing symptoms of ADHD because it has often proven to be the most effective. More than 80% of individuals with ADHD reported that medication worked great for improving their symptoms. Numerous individuals have experienced a substantial shift in their life with the right medications.

Stimulants are often the first medicinal approach for ADHD. Stimulants include medications like Adderal XR, Vyvance, Focalin and Concerta etc. These work best because they last for 10-14 hours and significantly improve symptoms over time.

If stimulants don’t prove to be that effective for you, you can always try non-stimulants. Atomoxetine is an effective proven choice for ADHD. The results may not appear as fast as with stimulants, but these work well for some people in the long run. You can also ask your doctor to administer antidepressants for ADHD, they are not ideal for ADHD, but they can help some people.

It might take some working and trial and error to find the right drug for you, but it can change your life for the better.

Behavioral Psychotherapy for Adult ADHD

Medicine alone is not that effective. Pairing medications with behavioral psychotherapy can give you the best results. Drugs work on a neurological level, while therapy works on addressing specific issues and coming up with practical and effective ways to solve them. It also helps you be more consistent with expectations and consequences.

Adults with ADHD can also benefit greatly from brain training. This training can increase attention and improve your memory without medications. Coaching can also help exceedingly help in developing structures and organizing your life. It can help make plans, set goals and stay motivated.

Couples can also try to get marriage therapy with their loved ones to set up effective behavioral plans, increase co-operation, and enhance their interpersonal communication and relationships.

Receiving Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling services for Adult ADHD at Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy, in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA

Among different psychotherapies used for adult ADHD, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is perhaps the most effective one. In CBT, one of our experienced therapists assists you to pinpoint specific problems and coming up with ways of handling them. It is a short-term, goal-oriented approach for overcoming negative thinking and change the way a person feels about themselves and how they can implement some strategies in their lives to tackle their problems in a better way. Our Cognitive-Behavioral Therapist and psychologists help teach coping mechanisms, overcome distorted thinking and learn effective behavior patterns and help reduce the impact of adult ADHD.

At Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy, Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA, our therapists and psychologists work frequently with adult attention-deficit disorder, and we have particular specialists with extensive training and experience in ADHD.
If you commit yourself to undergo a course of therapy to address your ADHD, our expert therapists will work with you to help you understand the causes and process your thoughts and feelings as well as assist you in reducing the impact of your adult ADHD symptoms.

Conclusion for Adult ADHD

Although ADHD starts in childhood, it can also impact people in their adult lives. ADHD is not always a bad condition as it can have many positive benefits as well. The symptoms can improve with time and you will find many helpful approaches to a better grip on your situation. Many effective treatments are available for ADHD including both medications and therapies and you can use these in combination to reduce symptoms. Getting an appointment with a therapist might turn out to be that one big step you take towards improving your ADHD and living a better life.

Receiving addiction counseling services at Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy, in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA

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