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Relationship/Marriage Counseling in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA

Are you having getting along troubles?

Are you having a hard time relating to your children, or finding it difficult or nearly impossible to communicate with your family or in your marriage? Perhaps at times you find yourself at odds with your boss, or having difficulty connecting with colleagues and at times feeling like an outsider.

Relationships and marriages can be complicated from time to time regardless of the type of connection and history you may share with a particular individual or spouse. The chronic challenges and frequent pressures of modern life can put a tremendous amount of stress on us, resulting in arguments and misunderstandings with those around us, and oftentimes this very unpleasant occurrence can leave us feeling quite angry, very disappointed, utterly rejected and quite lonely.

If you are suffering because of relationship issues, marriage counseling or relationship therapy can help you uncover healthier patterns of connecting and relating to those around you as well as your loved ones.

Relationship counseling for more straight-forward and kinder communication

Here at Reconnect Relationship Therapy, in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA, relationship therapy counselors help all kinds of people from many walks of life – individuals, families, and couples – each with their very personal relationship situations and marital issues to significantly improve and hopefully work through to a satisfactory outcome.

Our expert counselors and psychotherapists are highly skilled in assisting you in clearly understanding what is actually causing your relationship challenges, and their specific knowledge encompasses all kinds of relationship and marriage issues, including:

  • disagreements & quarrels
  • difficulty over committing
  • jealousy
  • splitting up
  • adultery and affairs
  • sexual problems
  • domestic violence
  • imbalances in power
  • problematic friendships
  • trouble in working relationships
  • parenting conflicts
  • step-families
  • pre-marriage counseling
  • finding a partner, or the right partner for you.

Speaking with counselors gaining insights into relationship therapy will provide you with a safe and objective space in which to talk about and thoroughly process your relationship concerns assisting you to move towards developing more meaningful and less stress filled connections with close friends, life partners, and co-workers.

Enhance your relationships – The Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy approach

Your relationship therapy counselor at Reconnect Relationship Therapy will assist you in identifying ineffective patterns of behavior as you discuss and process your experiences, which instill greater understanding and commitment regarding the necessary changes that will help your relationships flourish.

Your therapist will assist you to analyze and evaluate the historical patterns in your relationships to help you to improve your communication skills and form healthier patterns of interacting and relating in a more effective and kinder way for the future and move away from negative and ineffective behaviors patterns.

All the while, your relationship with your therapist provider is also a meaningful representation for effective communication and will assist you in gaining self-insight into a healthier and more robust relationship. This will reinforce your efforts as you work towards making more appropriate, informed choices, and more rewarding bonds with those people in your life.

Let us assist you today

Relationship counseling at Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy, Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA, can assist you to improve the quality of your relationships, regardless of what painful difficulties you are currently dealing with.
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