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Anger Management Counseling Therapy services at Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy, in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA

Among the different primal human emotions, anger is perhaps the most destructive one. Whether it’s a small annoyance or full-fledged rage, we all feel angry from time to time. It clouds our judgment and the ability to think accurately, and often the decisions made under the influence of anger cause damage and regret later on.

Why is anger so dangerous and requires Anger Management Therapy?

Whether your anger is suppressed or expressed, it can have a detrimental impact on your life and career if you don’t know how to manage it. Anxiety, depression, relationship problems, flawed thinking, high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, and digestive obstacles, etc. are some of the common issues linked with anger.

If you experience trouble controlling it, anger can sometimes even push you towards crime, emotional or physical abuse, and other extreme forms of violent behavior.

Dealing with your anger – The Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy approach

Anger management is a process that can assist you in identifying your triggers and your anger management therapist or psychologist can teach you helpful techniques to be calmer and more level-headed in angry and uncomfortable situations. It can help you to deal with your stressful circumstances in a more effective and less violent way.

Anger management therapy won’t eliminate anger from your life. It is impossible to avoid everything that incites anger. But you can better handle your reactions and learn healthier ways to confront your anger.

How Can You Benefit from Anger Management Therapy?

Let’s have a go through some common symptoms that indicate you might need anger management therapy.

  • Becoming violent, especially under the influence of Alcohol
  • Finding it difficult to make mutual agreements without getting angry.
  • Difficulty expressing emotions in a healthy and calm manner
  • Suppressed aggression that leads to brooding, isolation or self-harm
  • Reacting violently to small problems
  • Breaking objects during an argument
  • Feeling frustrated with your actions and behaviors
  • Addiction and Substance abuse
  • Difficulty regulating your emotional responses
  • Bad physical and emotional behavior that is negatively affecting your relationships

What are the Goals for Anger Management Therapy?

  • How to remain calm when becoming stressed or angry
  • Catch yourself and recognize when you’re not thinking logically
  • Focusing on solving the problem, instead of fixating on the problem itself
  • Express feelings of concern and anger in a healthy and less violent way
  • Helping people adjust how they look at a situation
  • Correcting self-defeating and passive-aggressive behavior
  • Addressing underlying suppressed emotions that cause further problems
  • Teach you specific new skills to manage these triggers more effectively on your own
  • How to communicate adequately to diffuse your anger and resolving conflicts
  • Improving your sense of control in managing your anger
  • Identify your triggers and see what situations cause you to become angry and how you can effectively deal with them

How Anger Management Therapy Works

There are several approaches in therapy for effectively treating anger. Depending on person to person, some may benefit from specific techniques more than others do, or even use these approaches in combination to get the full benefits. Let’s have a go through some common methodologies used in Anger Management Therapy:

Different Types of Therapy Sessions for Anger Management in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA

You have a variety of therapeutic approaches for dealing with your anger depending on the severity of your situation. Depending on your circumstances and personal preferences, you may choose from:

  1. In-Person Therapy Sessions: A one on one interaction with an experienced professional. This gives you a chance to be comfortable and build a strong relationship with your anger management therapist or psychologist.
  2. Online Counseling: Especially helpful for busy people and those who don’t have any professional psychological help nearby. You find a counselor exactly matched to your needs and you contact them from anywhere via smartphones or computers.
  3. Group Therapy: If in-person therapy is not your style, you can try group therapy sessions. It gives you access to experienced therapists and an in-built support group of people going through the same phases as you are. You have a safe space for sharing your experiences and getting helpful tips from others.
  4. Residential Anger Management: Especially for intense situations, this form of therapy helps you dig deeper into the roots of your anger while taking a break from your regular life responsibilities and stressors for some time. If you can put things on hold for your treatment, then this might be a good choice.

Receiving Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Anger Management

One of the most common yet effective forms of psychotherapies for managing your anger is CBT. The purpose of this therapy is to help an individual understand their anger from the roots and see what self-defeating thoughts lie behind their angry outbursts. Depending on your personality, a therapist will teach you different techniques that you can use to have better control over yourself.

You identify the situations in your life that lead you to anger. You become aware of your thoughts and beliefs surrounding these triggers. You acknowledge your negative and distorted thought patterns and relearn more positive and healthier thought patterns and other various techniques on managing yourself.

The benefits of CBT are plentiful. You become self-aware and get a hold of your own mental state. It helps you calm yourself down by identifying where you’re wrong. You cope better with difficult life situations. Your conflict resolution skills get better, thus improving not only your health but relationships as well.

Medications for Anger Management

As anger is a psychological issue, it is possible to treat the symptoms with the help of medications. The goal of anger management treatment programs is to make the individual self-sufficient and medicines can be especially helpful in the treatment phase.

Your therapist may prescribe you Anti-depressants such as Prozac, Celexa, and Zoloft. These medications won’t specifically target anger, but they can help you stay calm and deal better with negative emotions. There are also other options like Mood stabilizers and SSRI’s that have been shown to be effective in treating anger issues.

Your therapist may prescribe you other medications too, but it depends on your conditions and the approach your therapist uses. Either way, medications can prove to be extremely beneficial in the treatments.

Therapy Effectiveness for Anger Management

Therapy is one of the most effective approaches for treating anger issues and it continues to change the lives of many people to this day. If you find yourself dealing with such issues, then getting an appointment with your therapist might turn out to be the one big step you take towards having better control over your emotions and living a healthier life.

Receiving Anger Management counseling services at Reconnect Relationship™ Therapy, in Beverly Hills & Laguna Beach, CA

Reconnect Relationship’s network includes specialist therapists and psychiatry referrals offering anger management counseling in Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, CA.

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