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Your responsibility includes to take care of yourself and your loved ones in regardless of your condition. When a woman takes care of herself and sets appropriate boundaries in a couple’s relationship, she in effect sets the tone for how she needs to be treated.

Doing this earns her the respect of her boyfriend and future husband. Through millions of years of evolution, men are trained to hunt and work for what they get. When a guy has to work hard for something he will appreciate it far more, so why disappoint him? By taking care of yourself, while being kind, supportive, and loving towards him, you will become his forever sweetheart and he won’t want to let you out of his sight so no one else scoops you up.

How does one do this you ask?

Make sure that you get enough rest to be on top of your game and in a good mood. Crab apples aren’t sexy nor do they get the “dreamboat.” The choice is yours.

Know who you are and what you’ll put up with or won’t. Be warm yet firm.

How we dress speaks volumes about how we feel inside. Be sure to always look your very best. When you look like a million bucks, with a great smile, you’ll be treated as such.

Your smile is your best make-up. Be sure to use its’ power often, let those pearly whites shine. If your smile isn’t ready for prime time, run to the dentist, and treat yourself to a beautiful smile.

Take care of your budgeting as well. it does not mean to forget to treat yourself to some very nice things on occasion that makes you feel really great; just don’t go nuts spending beyond your means.

Get in the habit of asking for help, even if you don’t need any. If that makes you uncomfortable, practice with a little old lady in the grocery line for example, or someone that doesn’t intimidate you and you’ll gradually get better at it. Do this because it will make your man feel needed and important in your life; that’s priceless.

You have to take care of your promises as well. When you say yes be sure you mean it and your heart is in it, and not because you got pressured into it.

When you say no, be sure you mean it too and don’t backpedal if pressured. No is not a bad word when you set boundaries, people will respect you and if they don’t…dump them (immediately).

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