The Unexpected Benefits Of A Good Cry

The Unexpected Benefits Of A Good Cry

Crying can help lower stress levels and bring the body back to a more balanced physical and emotional state by the release of endorphins (the feel good chemicals).
2. Tears lubricate the eyes, preventing dehydration and enabling us to maintain the health of our vision.
3. Emotional tears shed some of the unhealthy chemicals and hormones produced by excessive stress.
5. Tears are a natural antibacterial and antiviral which help fight off infections and get rid of germs that find their way into our eyes. This can help us avoid some colds and flues.
6. Emotional tears help slow down our breathing and heart rate.
7. Crying can also get us in touch with our vulnerability and our need for a loving partner as well as a loyal and compassionate support system.
8. Tears can help open the conversation where words could not be formerly expressed.
9. Tears can also help us emotionally connect with others and receive their support.
10. Crying can also help us slow down and take a good look at what is working and what isn’t in our lives.

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